Million4Art.com is a website made throughout an experimental project that is being realized within the scope of European Art App program co-financed by Creative Europe and the Ministry of Culture and Media of the Republic of Croatia. The aim of this experimental project and website was to design and test new models, ie ways of financing art through donations.


By registering on the website www.million4art.com, you become our user and expressly and unequivocally agree to these General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

Creating an account:
To create a user account, you must enter:
- First name;
- Last name;
- Business name (optional);
- MemberID (username);
- Password;
- Email.
We advise you to take care of your password and to choose a password that combines upper and lower case letters and numbers and to create a password of at least six characters.

As a registered user you can select available pixels in which you can place selected works (the format should be .jpeg, .png or .gif) and make an art donation which reserves you selected pixels within the artwork for all time.

By placing selected work(s) in the accepted format within the artwork every user:
- accepts not to place pornography as the work(s);
- guarantees that they have author rights to use the selected work(s) and/or are authors of the selected work(s).

In case of breaching these conditions website Million4art.com will not approve your work(s) and/or can remove your work(s) from the artwork and user can be charged and responsible for the potential damage.

By uploading your work(s) you give intellectual property and author rights to Million4Art to use uploaded work(s) for future creation of the NFT from the final artwork that is done throughout user(s) intervention. The NFT can be used for commercial purposes. User(s) will not ask for any reimbursement and/or fee for using the uploaded work.

Optional donations:
Donations are encouraged and help this project to continue. Artwork can be uploaded without making a donation.
Donations are made via PayPal, using their official plug-in via in-site interface.
Million4Art website commits to allocate all the optional donations as follows, once the creation of NFT begins:
- 60% of funds directly to artists collaborating in this project and to culture through open public calls and tenders intended for the independent cultural scene;
- 15% of funds for operational costs of the Million 4 Art project (PR, marketing, web, NFT minting, etc.);
- 25% for further development of the concept and methodology that enables and encourages direct support to artists and art development in the context of the use of 21st century technologies.

Once you made a donation via PayPal, the donations can not be refunded. This is also the case if you breached conditions and your work(s) was removed from the artwork.

Intellectual property:
Million4art.com is an owner of the final artwork that will be done throughout user(s) intervention in Danijel Zezeljs’ original work “ (in)Visibile City”. The final artwork will be named “(in)Visibile City” and will be used to create the NFT (.gif format). Created NFT can/will be sold in future to fund new actions and projects that use methodology and concept of this experimental project. Million4art.com is not obligated to name all the user(s)/author(s) name(s) in future use of the created artwork.

Dispute Resolution
Disputes arising out of the relationship between the users and Million4art.com, including disputes regarding the interpretation, application or enforcement of these General Terms, will seek to be settled amicably. However, if the parties fail to resolve their disputes in the manner described above, disputes will be settled by the court in Zagreb.

Final Provisions
The relationship between Million4art.com and the Platform Users, as well as the provisions of these General Terms and Conditions, shall be construed in accordance with the law of the Republic of Croatia.These General Terms and Conditions are published on Million4art.com in accordance with applicable regulations in the Republic of Croatia and will be accessible to all users and individuals who intend to become one. Million4art.com will publish and make available all amendments to these General Terms and Conditions, specifying the date of their entry into force.

Last updated: May 2023.